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What You Should Know About Vinyl Fencing

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Many fencing options may suit your property, but for many, vinyl fencing is the best option for their needs. A vinyl fence will be easy to maintain, look good, and hold up well to the elements. When you go with vinyl fencing, you have various styles and colors to consider for your new fencing. Vinyl fencing also comes in various textures. While there are many reasons to go with a vinyl fence installation, there are also a few things to know.

How Much It Costs

The two factors that impact the cost of vinyl fencing are the quality of the vinyl you select and the installation labor. High-quality vinyl fencing is thicker and will better hold up to the elements. The height of your vinyl fencing can also impact costs. Installation labor also affects your bottom line. For example, installation costs may be higher if your property has hills or rocky soil. For both the vinyl fencing and the installation, you can expect to pay between $15 and $40 per linear foot

What Designs Are Available

If you are looking at a vinyl fence installation, finding a fence design that suits your home is crucial. Vinyl fencing comes in many colors, but neutrals, such as brown, tan, and white, are popular. However, you can find vinyl fencing in brighter shades if you want a bolder look. Another benefit of vinyl is that it can be textured to look like other materials. Wood-look vinyl fencing is very popular for homeowners who like the look of wood fencing but want the easy maintenance offered by vinyl. Before committing to a vinyl fencing installation, consider your options and select what works best for your needs. 

How Long It Will Last

Another thing to consider before your vinyl fencing installation is how long it will last. Vinyl is easy to clean, only requiring soap and water to get rid of dirt and debris. Vinyl fencing is also very durable. Once in place, your vinyl fence will last between 10 and 30 years. How long your vinyl fence stands the test of time depends on the quality of the vinyl and local weather conditions. 

Here's what to know if you are looking at a vinyl fence installation. First, vinyl fencing installation costs vary depending on labor expense and the quality of the vinyl. Second, you have many vinyl fencing designs to consider. Finally, a vinyl fence will stay in place for at least a decade or longer. 

Talk to a fence contractor to learn more about vinyl fencing