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4 Reasons You Should Install A Wooden Fence Around Your Residence

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Fencing is one of the best improvements you can make around your yard. With the countless options in the market, it might be challenging to know which material will be ideal for your needs. However, one material that you can never go wrong with, regardless of your home's architectural style, is timber. Wooden fences are timeless, elegant, and beautiful. It is wise to install them for these four other benefits.

You Have a Wide Variety of Wood to Choose From

There are hundreds of wood species used to make wooden fences. It is best to consider the color, strength, and other functional characteristics before choosing a material. Additionally, you can paint and stain it into any color and shade you desire. Wooden fences come in countless styles like the board on board, shadowbox, picket, and split rail. The fence contractor can help you choose the material and design specifications that work best for you. 

The Fence is Friendly to the Environment

You should always worry about the impact you are making on the environment with your choice of construction materials. Wooden fences are among the best options to make if you are environmentally conscious. Wood is a renewable resource, and the materials used to make it can regrow within a few years. It is also possible to recycle the old boards, pickets, and other materials and make fresh items. There is also a rise in the number of treatments that you can get for your wooden fence to deter pests and rot while still conserving the environment.

The Fence Raises Your Property Profile

The wooden fence also raises the value of your property. Wood has a rustic appeal that few other materials in the market can match. It gives you security and privacy, two qualities that homeowners want from a fence. When installed, it creates a complete barrier around the yard, which gives your children an easy time playing and prevents them from leaving your property. Prospective buyers are more attracted to houses with these extra features.

The Fence is Easy to Maintain

Maintaining a wooden fence is simple. The most important thing to remember is to keep the moisture away from the material. You can paint, stain, and use moisture repellents to keep water away from the wood.

For more information, consult a residential fence contractor about your fencing project. They will install it for you to secure your yard and raise the value of your home.