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A Custom Residential Fence Installation Adds Privacy and Protection to Your Property

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Have you had issues with letting your young kids play outside or do you worry about a pet getting out of the yard and into your neighbor's garden? Do you feel uncomfortable going swimming in your outdoor pool if there are lots of other residences nearby with people who can see into your yard while you are just trying to catch a tan? These are both reasons to consider contacting a local fence contractor such as Northwest Fencing about residential fence installation.

Build Your Custom Fence as High as You Like for Maximum Privacy

If you live in a neighborhood or housing plan where houses are close together, you might feel uneasy about someone simply glancing out the window in their kitchen and being able to easily see what is going on either in your backyard or perhaps even right into your house if you have a light on at night that's calling attention to a certain room. With a custom fence installation, you can get a higher fence built so that it will block the view of the neighbors or anyone else that walks by. Just be sure to check with your local HOA or government officials first to see if there is a maximum allowance for fence height.

Keep Children in the Yard Without Having to Constantly Monitor Them

If you want your young children to be able to go outside and play, it would be nice for both you and them if you can just let them out the back door without having to constantly check in every five minutes to make sure they haven't left the yard. With a decent and secure fence in place, just tell the kids the rule is that they can't go to the other side of the fence for any reason, and the kids will be able to enjoy themselves without worrying you.

Let the Dog or Cat Outside As Often As It Likes

Whether you have an outdoor cat in the family or just a dog that likes to run around, wouldn't it be great if your furry friend could just go outside whenever it wants without needing its owner around? Install a good fence that you know your animal won't be able to get past and then install a doggie door or other opening for your pet to get through whenever nature calls or it just wants to run around and have fun.

Contact a local fencing contractor today for next steps.