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Fencing Options To Benefit Your Garden Plans

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An increasingly popular option for many homeowners is to create a sustainable vegetable and fruit garden. This type of gardening can use any type of space, but for many property owners, the space is limited. This means using fencing and other areas to help utilize as much space for the garden as possible. If you are considering having a fence installed to help keep your garden safe and give you more space, here are some ideas you should consider. Each of these ideas is available from your fencing contractor service provider. 

Climbing Trellis

There are several vegetables and fruits that vine. This means that as they grow, the vine will grow and should be placed along something to keep the vine steady. This should also be something that can withstand the weight of the vine as it begins to produce. You can do this by creating a climbing trellis on the fence itself. Your fencing contractor can install fencing, such as wire fencing or box-style fencing, that has natural climbing points. The vines can be placed and guided to work along these holes and climbing points. By building the trellis into the fencing or constructing a fence that has a natural trellis feature, you offer more stability for the vines than if they were simply potted. 

Flower Box Fencing

If you would like to have rows of fruits and vegetables in your garden, one option is to choose a treated wood slat fencing. The trick with this option is to have the fencing turned horizontal rather than vertical. This will allow you to have hook holds for flower boxes that can then be arranged and stacked in the rows you want. You will need to ensure the wood will hold up to the weight of the various planter boxes. This means you will need a durable wood that can hold up to weight, winds, and other weather conditions. Once installed, you can add the flower boxes and hook set-up that works best for you. 

Latticework Fencing

Latticework fencing is an option that many property owners do not consider. There are several benefits to the lattice fencing when it comes to gardening. The latticework provides natural footholds for climbing and vining plants. They also provide a natural area to hand flower boxes and other vertical gardening options. They can be easily installed and you have a choice of a variety of material options. 

These are just a few of the fencing upgrades you can consider that will benefit your gardening plan. If you are ready to get started, contact a fence contractor. They can help with the ideas and with installation. They can also make suggestions on material for fencing that may better benefit your plans and your long-term gardening project.