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Designing A Custom Gate For Your Property

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Custom gates hold several benefits for property owners. The main benefits are the ability to provide an added layer of security to your property while also having something that fits your personal design taste. You may believe that your options, even with custom gates, are limited. The truth is, you have control over several design aspects of the gate from the start to custom entry gate installation. Here are some of those options. 


One of the leading reasons property owners may opt for a custom entry gate is for the dimensions. You can create a custom gate that fits the exact dimensions you need. This is ideal for small space or spaces that are wider or longer than traditional entry gates. You also may have custom needs such as a gate that is higher or a gate that has more spacing between the sides or bars depending on the style you choose. You can also discuss unique dimensions available to you and if they will be functional once installed. 

Body Type

The gate body refers to the slope or overall design of the entry gate. Some of the options available to you are sloped and arched designs. You do have the option for several other designs however. Depending on the fencing contractor, you may have design options such as bi parted, which parts the entry gate down the middle. These parted designs can also accompany the scalloped, sloped, and arched designs featured on other entry gates. 


The decorative elements of the entry gate are usually the area where property owners tend to gravitate. The decorative elements offer the special unique touch to the design work that other property owners may not have. For example, you can choose scroll work for your entry gate. You can also choose monograms, border designs, and specialty designs that mirror landscapes or similar designs. In some cases, the fencing contractor may have an artist on staff or as a third party that can help you create the various designs you would like as part of your entry gate. 

If you believe that a custom gate is ideal for your property, contact your fencing contractor about custom entry gate installation. They can help you with your designs and discuss the installation process with you. They can also assess your current fencing to determine if the gate can be installed alongside the existing gate. They can also answer your questions regarding other fencing needs for your property.